Forever Young

1.)I will be forever young…
I’ll still be singing my dear song
And I will always hide my tears
‘Cause nobody must know my fears…

2.)I will not complain again –
I won’t let my sorrow drain.
My heart has frozen deep inside
And I no longer have my pride…

3.)Lots of you may think I’m mad.
It is true my soul is sad…
And I’ll keep crying forever;
I won’t let my heart surrender!

4.)Though my soul has lost its warmth
And my eyes can’t see the truth…
I hope that our hearts will blend –
That I’ll meet you in Wonderland!

5.)I will be forever young…
I’ll still be singing my dear song.
Please don’t tell me yet good-bye,
For my heart shall never die.

6.)My heart will stay with my friends –
Forever, until the very world ends.
‘Cause only they are my true strength
And help me choose the way that’s smooth.

7.)But my body will fade away…
I can’t fight it or make it stay –
I’ll wait for our hearts to blend.
I’ll wait for you in Wonderland!

8.)Please avoid me now and then.
Don’t call my name if you can.
Let me cry – alone and hopeless,
Let me die – frozen and helpless…

9.)So maybe that’s my destiny –
But I’ll never be a memory…!

                                                                                                Chirilă Ravara Ana Lisa, clasa a IX-a E

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